Dec 15, 2015

A Simple Christmas Tablescape

Decorating for Christmas doesn't have to cost a lot and it certainly doesn't have to be over the top. For me it's important to bring in pieces that are versatile for multiple seasons so I can get more bang for my buck. A couple years ago I bought the red chevron burlap table runner ($18) and have been able to use it for fall, Christmas, and even Valentine's Day (if I wanted).

The white milk glass vases were $1 each from the thrift store and they are able to be used all year around. This Christmas I used some of the clippings from the Christmas tree in the vases. It adds some greenery and a lovely scent.

The white vase is a $5 purchase from Michaels and is also a piece that stays out 365 days a year. I filled it with hand-me-down ornaments from my mom to help bring in some gold. The tea lights and votives were given to me from a friend after her wedding almost two years ago and the wreath was also a cheap purchase from Michaels. I usually use it on my gallery wall for the other seasons. 


The beautiful plates (total of 8 sets) were a gift from my father-in-law and his wife. They are from Macy's and after we used their gift card the total cost was $6.00! They are so gorgeous and I love them. 

Of course the biggest contributor to our Christmas table is our painted red thrift store chairs. They are such a huge statement all year round. 

After shopping the house and using decor from other seasons, I am able to create a beautiful and budget-friendly Christmas table. And you can too!!

Merry Christmas friends xoxoxo

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Love your post! I try to do the same thing with my home decor items....I choose things that pull "double duty" whenever I can :)

Nice table setting. Simple yet you can still feel the "being at home at the holiday with family" ambiance. Lemme pin this away on my christmas table decorations board on Pinterest. Cheers!

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