Jan 21, 2016

Seeing Green

Happy "almost" weekend!

After posting this photo on Instagram today, I realized that besides clearly being addicted to the color green, I am pretty much a creature of habit.........are you?

You know the type......you find yourself doing the same things over and over again, but do you stop and think why? I took a little bit of time today to ponder this notion and came to the conclusion that I repeat things over and over again because:  A) I like it..... B) it's easy.... C) it just works.

In comes my "green addiction". Maybe it's because I love decorating with neutral decor and love a pretty complimenting color....heaven knows in 2015 I pretty much painted over all of my "builder beige" walls for an updated new crisp white.

Green for me, is not only an addiction, it's a sign of Spring. Living in Michigan this time of year, I really need some Spring inspiration....STAT.

I recently added some new items to my Painted Fox Curated Collection and you can surely bet there are vibrant green decor pieces that will instantly brighten up your winter home!

Adding green to your home decor offers you additional choices for some interesting items you may not have thought to use. Why not grab some pretty fresh herbs from your local fruit market and add them to mason jars for a unique display?
I love how these fresh herbs compliment this rustic farmhouse NO 1. tin.  Not only do the green colors work well together, the entire house smelled amazing with the wafting herb scent! Add in a farm fresh screened dish towel and your vignette is complete.

Proof positive......I lay green items all around my house! No table, surface or even chair is safe!

What's not to love about a gorgeous boxwood wreath? I love the look of boxwoods so much that I replaced all of my landscaping this past summer and added tons of boxwood bushes to my patio area! They truly are breathtaking, no matter where they are planted or hung! This boxwood wreath is the perfect color contrast to my DIY plank wall piece on my fireplace mantle. This wreath will never go out of style and I think it will be displayed here for a VERY long time.........

I never pass up the opportunity to add green decor pieces to my vignettes. How pretty are these green apples, moss balls and mini pears stacked on one of my favorite wood three tiered trays? I use this tray in my entryway, kitchen island and on my dining table. It's made its way to each room of my house! SOOO pretty and fun to decorate with...farmhouse, industrial and rustic styles all rolled into one beautiful piece!

There was no way I could pass up adding these unique artichoke hearts and twig moss balls to my Painted Fox Curated Collection.
I'm a sucker for texture and these pieces SCREAM "bring me home to decorate with".
These pieces easily fill baskets, trays, bowls and just about anywhere that you want interesting color and textures.....you can never have enough in my book!

Painted Fox is offering 20% off their entire website this week including all the beauties I have shown you here......throw in FREE SHIPPING and it sounds like a perfect shopping trip made in heaven.

Which new Painted Fox items have you swooning over?


Love it all! I would love to make adding more green to my home a new habit! I love how it brings a touch of spring into our dreary winters! Just stumbled upon your website and I'm so excited to look around! Will definitely check out Painted Fox as well! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I LOVE green too......It's the perfect "pop" of color:)

Happy Sunday!

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