Nov 18, 2015

Decorating a Master Bedroom with Antiques

I've loved antique furniture since I was a little girl. There is just something about solid pieces passed from generation to generation that has always seemed timeless to me. So when my husband was stationed in Virginia its no surprise our home was quickly filled with well loved antiques. 

We recently moved to the Midwest and with all the changes in our life I wanted to create a relaxing space that also included our favorite finds. Exploring flea markets and junk shoppes has always been a favorite past time for us. I love that our master bedroom reminds us of places we where able to visit and our wonderful memories of the East Coast. 

Decorating with antiques doesn't have to be difficult. Starting simple with an old mirror or frame can add character and charm to any space, and can sometimes be found at a fraction of the price as a piece made to look old. I always try to remind friends antiques aren't meant to look perfect, remember each chip or scratch has a story from our ancestors and can add character making it one of a kind. 

I tend to leave my favorite finds in the condition I find them with the exception of a few statement pieces I have painted with milk or chalk paint, which can easily be removed at a later time. When searching for furniture I always try to look for solid wood or metal. The sturdier the better with our little ones running around. 

As a heads up some antique items such as painted frames or mirrors may contain lead paint so its always a good idea to keep an instant lead test on you. Don't worry though, if you find chippy goodness you cant convince yourself to part with it you can always apply a spray sealer to keep all the paint in place. 

Remember searching for antiques can be just as fun as decorating, but it may take time to find the unique piece your looking for. Make a weekend date of it or bring the whole family! Lots of antique dealers love to tell the little ones all about the history of the items, we just remind ours to look with their eyes and not with their hands.

Happy hunting friends!

*Blog post courtesy of Ty at Little Home Reloved. Visit her blog for more home decor inspiration.


I love everything about this bedroom!!! Great post Ty!!

What a beautiful room!!!!! I love your taste!

All those Chunky frames.....LOVE

What a beautiful post! I love all the pretty photos & agree with Art by Kelly....the frames are just perfect!

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