Dec 3, 2015

Affordable Easy Peasy Home Decor

 Decorating your home is affordable and fun when you combine thrift store finds with little DIY ideas.


Many people think that decorating their home has to cost a lot. They put off making their home a comfortable retreat because they think they can’t afford it. In this age of thrift stores on every corner, weekend garage sales, great blogs on every style imaginable, and Pinterest, that is just not the case. Anyone can spruce up their nest for just a few dollars and do a full on redecorate for a fraction of retail costs. Check out some blogs, log onto some online magazines, build a board on Pinterest, and figure out what you love. A few weekends at the resale shops, yard sales, and a little paint and elbow grease, and you will be well on your way to having a home you are proud of, one that feels like your retreat from the world.

I purchased this old vintage dresser, because I love vintage furniture, at a yard sale for 30 dollars. It is solid wood, has wheels, the drawers work smoothly, and the size is great. It looked like this; original paint, wooden knobs, a few dents and scrapes. It was the perfect project piece!
decided to use this dresser for my first post for Everything Home Magazine Blog, so instead of my usual shabby, vintage, distressed style, I would do it up in a little more trendy and modern looking style. I wanted people that really don’t like the old furniture and chalky paint style, to see that any piece can be redone to fit in with your taste and style with just a little creativity.

I cleaned it with a vacuum attachment and a damp rag. I painted it in two coats chalky paint, allowing it to dry in between. The drawer sides were stenciled to give it a little pizzaz, and then I brushed on one coat of clear water based poly to protect it. Chalk paint is the easiest thing in the world for a beginner to use. It is very forgiving, doesn’t show brush marks, and doesn’t require that you sand the furniture first. It dries in less than an hour and has almost no smell. 

I did buy new knobs, a cost of about 24 dollars, because I am not crazy about the wooden ones, but you could paint and reuse them to save money. I also purchased a little kit of mirrored decals for about 5 dollars. The knobs are very simple to replace, and the decals are simply peel and stick, although I did glue these on for added stability. So here it is, a solid wood dresser, in the color of my choice, for a total cost of about 75 dollars.


Happy Thrifting, Nell at
Junk Therapy.


Love the update to this dresser! Looks great!!

Thank you so much! It was a very fun project, and it sold right away!

Awesome post!!! Welcome to the Everything Home family!

Looking really awesome and impressive decorating of table. Thanks for the sharing.

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