Nov 30, 2015

How to Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays


It is finally here, the first week of December. It is now “socially acceptable” to light up those trees and deck your halls! But if you’re like me and have Obsessive Christmas Disorder you handed out the last piece of candy on Halloween, helped your kids eat a few too many pieces of theirs, and drifted to sleep into a sugar coma. That night you dreamed of sugar plum fairies and all things festive taking over your home, delivered by tiny mice and wooden nutcrackers!!! BUT SERIOUSLY it could happen, right?!?!

This summer my husband and I had the opportunity to buy a home on land that has been in his family for years.  The first time I drove by it my exact words were, “That’s the perfect CHRISTMAS CABIN!” Some people see things in color or black and white. I tend to see things in red, green, and Christmas Plaid. This year I really wanted to incorporate more fresh Christmas elements. I mean our house is made of logs why not add some greens? And if anyone has ever started to remodel their home you know how fast money can fly out the window, so sprucing up your home for the holidays can be really budget friendly, fun, and beautiful with these tips:

I started in my back yard using some tree trimmers and a plastic tub (you will use this later). I went to different trees and cut some awesome greenery. Each tree is slightly different in color so I wanted an assortment. Then I headed on back to our water hose.  If you want your greenery to stay “fresh looking” longer it is a good idea to submerge the clippings in water for about 24 hours.  The next day you can take them out and let them dry. Then spray a wilt stopper on both sides. This will help the trimmings hold moisture better (You can find this at a local nursery or order online from your big box store). A good tip for those who don’t live out in the country, like me, is to go somewhere they sell Christmas trees and most likely they will have a pile of clippings that they will just give you (Getting there right after delivery/set up day has its advantages too).

Once your trimmings are prepared you can add them to all kinds of items like these $4 wreaths and garland I found at Walmart. It not only makes them look fuller but has that timeless classic Christmas look. 

Add it to boxes, buckets, or crocks.

On mantels, over doorways, or shelves. Grab some embellishments from your craft store when they are 50 plus percent off. A little fake snow and your look is complete.

Add a small fresh tree like this one from Home Depot for $20.00 and spruce it up with colorful lights and some Target dollar spot gift tags.

But most importantly have fun doing it! While Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and often the most expensive time don’t forget your home can be just as beautiful spending less.
                                                                                             Stay Sweet Y’all,
                                                                                                        Amanda Lauren 

Blog post courtesy of Amanda at Sweet P's Decor. Head over to her blog to see more inspiration from Amanda!


Love this Amanda! You have a beautiful home!

Thank you Daraka! So excited to get to share it here!

I love your Christmas cabin, Lauren. It's absolutely special and cozy!! Thanks for sharing!

Keila, thank you so much! I have a feeling this will be one of my favorite Christmases! It is just cold enough here today to light our first fire in the stove. It looks like Christmas but now it is starting to feel like it too! Stay Sweet, Amanda Lauren

Collette, Thank you so much, excited to be here! We loved the holiday issue! -Amanda Lauren

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