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Apr 6, 2016

The James' Home Tour

Once in a blue moon, an interior decorator gets an opportunity to completely design, decorate, and style an entire home with a clean slate. I recently had this amazing opportunity, for a very special client, where I was able to work with a "blank canvas", and was tasked with the job of decorating their entire home from scratch!  I was able to completely furnish their entire home, on a budget, by using Wayfair for most of all of the furniture, and shopping strategically at all of the major home decor spots like, HomeGoods, Target, Kirklands and many more.  

Now this was no easy feat - here's the list I had to tackle:
  • 4 bedrooms/1 sitting room
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • Office
  • Formal Sitting Room
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  • Entryway
 When working on a large project I usually like to tackle it room-by-room, and complete one before starting another! This works best for me and helps me to focus all of my attention on each room individually, making sure nothing is missed or overlooked.

Formal Sitting Room:
I decided to use cool tones and mirrored furniture to brighten up the room and open up the space. Mirrored furniture is a popular trend and is easy to find it in most home decor places you shop. I chose  a white, gray, and navy blue color scheme to create contrast and used different textures to create depth.  I added accents to complement the furniture and added large mirrors and paintings to the wall to complete the look.

Formal Dining:

For the formal dining room I decided on a bold and rich brown oak center table with matching ladder-back chairs. I wanted the formal dining area to make a statement since it was one of the first rooms you see when you enter the home. I laid a wide piece of burlap down the  center of the table to serve as a table-runner which made for the perfect contrast in textures. I added a few stems of flowers to a couple of vases to add pops of color. I set the table with traditional white and gold-rimmed plates and gold chargers for the place settings. I completed the look with a few natural elements including the pine cones styled in the wooden box to serve as a centerpiece and added single roses to each place setting.

Living Room:
My client's wanted a practical and easy to manage decor for the living room, as this is where they would spend most of their time as a family. Having 2 kids, ages 6 and 9, they wanted something that could be easily maintained but also something that could withstand wear and tear and still look modern. I chose a dark tone for the furniture and added a pop of color in the drapes by choosing a mint green tone. I added a patterned area rug to complete the look.

Guest Suite:
I decided on a very modern and chic style for the guest suite. My client wanted a black and white room so I added gold accents to give it a classic and clean look.

Girl's Room:

I wanted to create a room surrounded by the little one's favorite colors, yellow and pink! Chevron prints are all the rage now, so I started with the chevron printed bedspread with pops of yellow.  My favorite pieces in this room are the illustrations of the little brown girls. I found the amazingly talented artist, Evelyse Rosa, on Instagram (@evelyserosadesigns) who does beautiful illustrations and art for only $8/each and she conveniently sends you the file to your email. Once I received the PDF files I just printed them on my own and framed them with frames I found on sale at Michaels. I added a few touches of pinks to complete the look for the little princess.

Boy's Room:
I wanted to do a nautical theme for the boy's room since his father was in the navy. I chose a navy and red color scheme and added nautical accents to complete the look. My clients wanted the kid's rooms to be functional and a place where they liked to spend their time. I added desks and all of the essentials for them to read, do homework, and to play!

My client wanted a space that was all her own, and somewhere she could retreat on days where she worked from home. It was important to her to have her own office, complete with all of the necessities she needed. I created a space that was both comfortable but also that could double as an extra guestroom; the couch folds out to a full size bed.

Master Suite:
The master suite was the very last room that I completed in the home. I knew that I wanted to create a peaceful and welcoming ambiance for my clients to have a place to come home and relax. I completed this room in two parts. I started with the sitting room first, and then completed the bedroom decor. I wanted to use a bold pop of color for my accent so I chose the jewel tone, amethyst. Jewel tones are a trend now in so many different things and it creates such a statement. I added pops of this beautiful color in the drapes, the area rug, and in the floral decorations that I made.
For the furniture in the bedroom, I chose a platinum color tone to create a contrast in the bold jewel tones, and decided to go with a champagne color for the bedding to bring in more warmth against the cool platinum tones.

Blog post by Chári Herndon - please visit her blog for detailed source info and to see before pics of this project. 

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