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Feb 2, 2016

Year Round Decorating With Meaningful Pieces

Hey all!  So happy you've joined this great group of friends!  The purpose is mainly to encourage us all to use some of our most precious items as key elements for home decorating.  Most of my favorite decorative pieces are more a reflection of the things I love, rather than my decorating style (since I'm not entirely sure what that is).  I try not to buy items that are trendy and stylish in the moment and think in terms of what defines my lifestyle and our character as a family unit.     

I enjoy looking back at goodies that bring a great memory, or that remind me of someone special.  Truthfully, certain pieces have been purchased with a particular idea in mind and ended up fulfilling an entirely different purpose.  Don't you just love when that happens?  

This sweet little guy has been with me a while now!  White happens to be my favorite color and since my kitchen holds a lot of warm tones, I create contrast mostly by adding a little white/beige here and there.  This bunny is a cookie jar which is perfect for spring and Easter related decor, but 'bunny' happens to be my husband's nickname.  When I first saw this little guy at Target, I knew I wanted him.  I didn't purchase it because we were still living in our old condo and my kitchen was much smaller there.  I love animals DEARLY and thought he was perfect, I also really needed all the counter space I could get. 

When we moved, I vehemently began looking for him.  It took a couple of phone calls to customer service and several trip to a few Targets but finally I found a carrier and took him home with me.  Looks just like my husband, doesn't he? Well worth the struggle.

Head on over to Keila's blog to take a peek at more of her gorgeous decor treasures!

Jan 31, 2016

February FREE Printable

This is one of the most traditional Valentine’s Day phrases and also one of my favorites! You can’t see these two simple words without thinking of this love-filled holiday; it’s the perfect representation of Valentine’s Day. 

Click here to download the February print as a PDF  file

*printable created by Jennifer Reed of @thesisterstudioig

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