Jan 8, 2016

Mini Living Room Makeover

Happy New Year friends! Every year it seems I have the same ol' resolution to get fit and lose weight and it never happens. This year my resolution (or should I say "goal") is to get more organized and try to makeover a few areas in my home that are less than attractive. Another goal is to use more of the items I have around my home to decorate versus spending a ton of money on things I don't necessarily need. Well.... I've tackled my first project area and I have to say I am pleased with the results!

Warning...the first pic is pretty ugly! This is a space next to my sofa that seems to just collect junk, magazines, and anything else I can stuff in there. I knew it needed a serious makeover. Plus, that little end table has so much potential to really stand out. Right here it was just hidden next to the brown couch.

I started by taking everything out of the inside and off the top. I had a quart of MudPaint that I wanted to use in the color "Manor White". Since you can use MudPaint without having to sand beforehand, I simply just wiped down the piece with a wet rag, let dry, and began painting. 
(table before) 
 After I painted, I let the table dry and then went back and lightly sanded. I sanded in areas that would have the normal wear and tear from years of kids bumping into it or hitting the walls while moving so that it would look more natural. I was very pleased with the look of  MudPaint after I distressed it. 
My mother gave me an AMAZING old wooden ladder for Christmas. I've always loved the look of blanket ladders so I wanted to use it somehow in this space.

 I took the two pieces apart and used the skinnier piece. I love the old, original hardware at the top of the ladder!
After I had the ladder up and the table back in place, I began styling. I looked for items that I already had in my home. I hung a couple blankets and an old feed sack on the ladder for added texture and coziness.
I had this old little crock that was sitting on my entry way bench that really just needed to find a home. It fit perfectly here at the bottom on top of some old books.

The finished space is just so much more brighter and much tidier! I love the character the ladder adds as well. I added a special piece of driftwood at the bottom that my bestie Collette sent me during a swap we hosted on Instagram. SO fun! I plan to give this little lamp a makeover but that's a project for another day!

This year I plan on loving my home more and I am more than happy with how this little "mini-makeover" turned out! I have another space I just started working on that I can't wait to show you next! What do you think of this makeover? I would love to hear your thoughts! 


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