Nov 10, 2015

Subtle Touches of Fall

We sent our son to Kindergarten this week and it has been such a change for the entire family.  One to get used to for all of us. He is loving it and I am happy for him, but it is bitter sweet because time goes so fast and he sure is growing up.  His sister is missing her buddy to play with and so I spent the other morning keeping her busy with some fruit painting. We had some Dollar Tree pears and we took Non Toxic Acrylic paint to give them a fresh new color. She had a great time and enjoyed the distraction.  Plus this was an inexpensive way to make some Autumn Decor. We hung a newly made wreath with some changing leaves too.

Subtle Touches of Fall

As the weather cools down I also love to layer on the blankets and textures. This is such an easy way to make spots in our house more cozy and ready for fall. I have to share this new addition to our house too from Painted Fox Treasures (link in sidebar), a pouf and a globe in one! I mean it is the perfect combination and I am not joking when I say it is one of the most comfortable things to sit on. It is cushy and firm, but sinks in just the right amount too!  It has become a favorite around our household.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend as fall rolls around the corner with warm drinks, football, smelly candles and lots of blankets. Time for a new season! Thanks for stopping by~

*Blog post courtesy of Annie at Zevy Joy. Visit Annie's blog for more home decor inspiration!


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