Nov 10, 2015

Why Keeping up With The Joneses and The Smiths isn't Working For You

Ah, the Joneses.
The next door neighbors who knocked down their single family home and built a mansion upon those very ashes.  Constantly exuding a certain air of ‘fake’ humbleness and seemingly, the epitome of the All American Dream.  Something about them made you feel like the laziest son of a gun, despite the fact that you were already working 80 hours a week to try and match their lifestyle.  That is, until 2006 when the market crashed and no one was able to keep up.  Not even them.

Those who made irrational decisions based on the idea that having more would bring social acceptance became financially crumbled.  The extent of the shortcomings went far beyond foreclosure, a bad credit report, and filing Chapter 7.  Many of us were brought up to believe that material possessions weren't everything but the inability to duplicate the Joneses' way of life robbed us of much happiness. More than being in the red, was the sense of dissatisfaction that tagged along.  Nevertheless, we kind of, sort of picked ourselves back up and restructured our lives until the next neighbors came along.

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Love the honesty of this post are amazing!
Thank you for sharing with our readers sweets:)

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